50 Tilapia Fingerlings



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We provide 1″ mixed sex blue/niloticus cross tilapia. They’ve proven to be very hardy here at Hughey AquaFarm. We pull from the hardiest stock for our breeding program and as such we have fingerlings that has survived temperatures in the 40’s deg. F. for extended periods during the winter*. We ship 1″ fingerlings 50/box via Priority Mail and only ship on Monday’s of each week to ensure you get delivery during the week. We only ship when temperatures are favorable to shipment to reduce stress on the fingerlings.

Our desire is to see you successful with your My AquaFarm aquaponics system. Using healthy, robust fingerlings to stock your system will set you up for success!!

Fingerlings in excess of 1″ are available for local pick up. Please contact us for price and availability.

Due to conditions beyond our control, we cannot he held liable for losses in transit. All fish are shipped from us in healthy condition and packaged just prior to shipping.
Should issues arise, please contact us to discuss replacement.

*Tilapia do not grow until the temperatures exceed 70 deg. F. 1″ fingerlings typically take more than 6 months to grow to an optimum size for harvest.

Pricing is as follows:

1/2” – 1” fingerlings (50 fish per box) – $100.00 per box, includes FREE SHIPPING!*


Local pickup only:

1 – 2” fingerlings – $2.00 each (minimum 50)

2” – 3” fingerlings – $3.00 each (minimum 25)


* To keep costs low we ship priority mail. If overnight shipping price will be much higher. We ship healthy fish in good condition but cannot guarantee handling once they leave our farm. We desire to have happy customers and will work with you should issues arise. However, we cannot be held fully responsible for issues beyond our control.


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