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  • roger d. mack
    19 Jun 2014

    fantastic, the best plan I have ever seen

  • roger d. mack
    19 Jun 2014

    how many could you grow with 10

    • Travis
      20 Jun 2014

      If you’re asking how many fish, plan on producing 1lb. of fish for every 5 gallons fish tank capacity. This works out to 30-35 lbs of fish per system under optimum conditions if using tilapia. 10 times that is 300 – 350 Lbs. of tilapia is possible. As far as vegetables, this fish density will support easily anything you want to grow.

  • roger d. mack
    12 Aug 2014

    so you are saying at 3.00 per pound I would
    be producing 900.0 to 1050 per 3 month 6 month or year?

    • Travis
      13 Aug 2014

      Hello Roger,
      I want to make sure I am understanding your question. If using (10) My AquaFarms you should be able to produce 30 to 35 lbs of fish (whole live weight, not filet’s) per system. With 10 systems, under optimum conditions, you should be able to produce 300 to 350 lbs of tilapia in one year. Depending on the species you use growth rates might be faster or slower. What I’m saying is a safe average. By far the most bang for your buck is going to be the vegetables you grow along the way.

  • Brooke
    13 Dec 2014

    Can you put a floater bed in it or do you have to use a growing medium?

    • Travis
      17 Dec 2014

      The growbed is not designed to use a raft system. This would limit the things you can grow. A media bed is much more versitile and more efficient biofilter for the fish.
      Great question.


  • Allan Atkinson
    17 Feb 2015

    why can i not download your PDF file?

    • Travis
      17 Feb 2015

      You can download it from the front page for now. I’ll have the button fixed. Thanks for the heads up.

  • Albbert.DUIN
    21 Feb 2015

    hallo, we’re so interested. Is there a dealer or example in France. We live in the south of France near Nimes. We thank you for your reponse. Albert Duin

    • Travis
      25 Feb 2015

      I sure wish there was a dealer or a system in France for you to be able to deal with. Hopefully in the future when we get this thing really going we’ll be able to take on some dealers there.

  • Morris
    13 Apr 2015

    This looks great. I want to do this in my basement. My question is about the fish. I would like to use the fish to eat will these fish keep multiplying and if so do I need to have a separate tank for the larger fish?

    • Travis
      14 Apr 2015

      It all depends on the fish you choose. If you’re thinking tilapia, if you keep the numbers up you won’t have much for breeding. I usually have to use a separate tank with very light stocking to get any reliable breeding.

      Hope this helps!!


  • Bill Cuthbertson
    25 May 2015

    I was wondering, once you get a mature crop and harvest it. What then? do you have to take all the gravel out and clean it and start over ? What about all the roots,stems and leaf waste? Also what part of the U.S. are you located you located in and do you encourage visitors. In one of your answers you said you kept your unit outside. Are you still doing that or are you using greenhouses now to spread you system through out the year?
    Great work, looks like the Lord is blessing it.

    • Travis
      31 May 2015

      I only clean the gravel every few years and only half of it then. I have earthworms in the beds as well and they help with the decomposition of solids of all sorts. As far as roots and such when I do pull up plant I shake off all the gravel I can back into the bed and put the rest in the compost pile. For now, I still keep my systems outdoors. I live in South Carolina so I get a long growing season with only three months or so down time.

  • Slow Dug floor a condo and i worry about the whole farm with water, and rock s, thank you for th e great video on
    31 May 2015

    HI, I saw your farm on youtube , great job, I would like to know if I can buy your fisherman drain system only, i ask cause I live on a top floor condo and I would worry about the weight with water and rocks, with your drain I might be able to make something lighter ? keep up the good work.

    • Travis
      31 May 2015

      Not sure how you’re gonna get around using water in an aquaponics system. As far as media, there are lighter media’s available such as hydroton. We do not sell the fisherman mechanism separate. It’s a trademark symbol of the My Aqua Farm and unique to these systems.
      We are about to release a 1/2 size system that may be more suitable for your condo. Keep watching the website for the upcoming announcement.

  • Gordon
    16 Sep 2015

    loved your youtube vid. would like a price for the farm freighted to Western Australia 6210

    • Travis
      28 Sep 2015

      I wish I had a way to do this. Currently I do not have an international shipper. When we do find a reasonable rate I’ll make an announcement. Thanks for the inquiry.

  • Alice
    25 Oct 2015

    I live in Alaska and would have to use a freight company out of Seattle. Can you give me a shipping weight on a palletized unit? If shipping multiple units, are they stackable?

    • Travis
      26 Oct 2015

      The units weigh 235lbs each. They do not stack in the current packaging. We have them tied off to the side of the van standing up to reduce shipping cost and preserve the contents. They come as two boxes shrink wrapped together as one unit.

      Hope this helps!!

      Travis W. Hughey

  • Hayward Grimes
    23 Nov 2015

    Hi Travis
    I saw your system on YouTube looks great.

    But I would be more incline to go the ten half barrel like I saw in another YouTube video.
    Do you have any thing along this line.
    Could you give me some pointers on this
    Thanks for your time. Hayward

    • Travis
      03 Dec 2015

      The ten barrel half system is based off the Barrel-ponics manual offered free on this website. Everything you need to know is there. You just have to expand it. The first thing I’d do is build the small system, learn from it and expand to suit your needs.

  • Robin
    24 Nov 2015

    If you manufacture in China, i don’t understand the problem shipping worldwide. We always get shippings directly from china, even one piece.

    • Travis
      03 Dec 2015

      The manufacturer is not interested in becoming an international shipping hub. They have other products they manufacture and don’t have time to ship units out one at a time. Now, if you wanted to order a container load of My Aqua Farms, that would be another story. They could even be made with your local voltage pump supplied.

  • Donald
    28 Jan 2016

    I like the system. I s it possible to get 10×20 ft and the cost?

    • Travis
      30 Jan 2016

      At this time we do not do custom builds. It wouldn’t be cost effective. However, with a little creativity one could place several My Aqua Farms in a space that size. I know of one fellow who ordered 6 My Aqua Farms and did just that.

      Thanks for the inquiry.


  • Cheung Hoi Yan
    20 Apr 2016

    $1495 is US DOLLARS?

    • Travis
      20 Apr 2016

      Yes, US dollars, shipped to the lower 48 states USA.

  • Roland
    17 May 2016

    I live in Nigeria and I love what you are doing. Can you ship to Nigeria? Also the green house. Can you give idea how to make it locally?

    • Travis
      23 May 2016

      We currently do not ship outside the USA. We’re working on that. As far as greenhouses, depending on where you live you may not meed one at all. There’s lots of information on the web concerning building your own greenhouse should you desire to build one. Just google DIY greenhouse.

      Warm Regards,

  • edwin r. lynch
    10 Jun 2016

    am interested the ten barrel system ,what is the cost for 500 units ,I am located in Canada and also do work in the Caribbean such as Haiti

    • Travis
      13 Jun 2016

      I don’t have any official info on the 10 Barrel system. It’s an expansion of the basic Barrel-ponics system. When you ask for a price on 500 units, are you speaking of the My Aqua Farm product? If so, we can communicate privately via travis@myaquafarm.com.

  • Don
    15 Aug 2016

    Do you sell the growth media? If so how much is it to get enough to fill one unit?

    • Travis
      16 Aug 2016

      We’re working on shipping issues. Should be available in the future. It’ll take approximately 15 cu. ft. to fill the current 16 sq. fr. model.

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