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  • Jeffrey Marlow
    09 Dec 2013

    Travis has been in the forefront of realistic aqauponics for years. His systems work and his generosity with knowledge is unsurpassed. If sustainable food production, education or simple interest in how different food production can be done beyond commercial agribusiness interests you, Travis has a viable solution.

    • Travis
      09 Dec 2013

      Thank you so much for the kind words Jeff. I sincerely hope this turns out to be another blessing to many.

  • Brandon Friemel
    16 Jan 2014

    The Barrelponics Manual that Travis created several years ago was a tremendous help in getting my own flood and drain system completed. Travis researched the pioneers that came before him and then improved upon there work thru trial and error. His flood tank/flush valve design is simplistic, but it works, and it compliments his flood/drain design philosophy extremely well. His depth of knowledge about Aquaponics and his generosity rivals anyone out there. You will be hard pressed to find another system on the market with a better value or more viable design for a backyard flood and drain Aquaponics system.

    • Travis
      16 Jan 2014

      Wow Brandon!!
      Thank you for such a glowing report. It’s greatly appreciated. I am very excited about this new product as it simplifies aquaponics even further making this method very easy for the person wanting to grow their own food in places it otherwise might not be possible.

      Thanks again,

  • Rey Torres
    16 May 2014

    Hi Travis : you probably don’t remember me, but we have met, and I bought fish from you before. Anyway’s, I really like the design on your grow bed. Are you planning to sell individual components in the near future so people like me that have been doing this for a while, can build self designed systems using your grow beds.

    • Travis
      16 May 2014

      Hey Rey,
      Of course I remember you!! Paul Maynard was here a couple weeks ago as well. As fr as individual components, I had really not thought of that. I don’t have anything but complete systems available right now. These are manufactured in China and come shipped to me as complete systems. I can talk to the Manufacturer in the future about that though. Are you thinking of putting a bunch of gowbeds on a common tank? As this progresses I will offer other models both smaller and larger than this one based on the design and proportioned correctly.

  • Brother Alex
    09 Nov 2014

    What if the liner gets punctured?

    • Travis
      10 Nov 2014

      First off, this is very unlikely unless someone intentionally drove a knife through it. The material the liners are made of is the same material heavy duty flexible water tanks and inflatable boats (think Zodiac or Avon) are made of. As such, they are VERY TOUGH AND DURABLE, but, if, on the rare occasion, it did happen, any inflatable boat repair kit will do the job easily and inexpensively. No need to purchase a new liner or anything like that.

  • Fred Pexa
    26 Jan 2015

    Hey Travis. I built a system based on your manual at our orphanage in India this past spring and it doing great! We are going back in a few weeks to expand Otto 30 grow beds from the current 8 beds. Thanks for your hard work in developing a simple but workable system!

    • Travis
      28 Jan 2015

      Nice!! Thanks for the shoutout.

  • roger
    19 Feb 2016

    allo Travis je suis impressionner par le je suis au Québec et j’ai un magasin de pêche et j’aimerais avoir vos système pour les vendre a mes clients a combien reviendrais le système pour que je puisse les vendre merci de me répondre Roger

    • Travis
      03 Mar 2016

      Hello Roger,
      I’m relying on google translator since I do not read French. Unfortunately it’s not that good as the translation is difficult to understand. Is there anyone you know who speaks english that can translate for you? I’d like to respond but I want to make sure there is no misunderstanding.

      • Lynard
        13 May 2018

        Roger, above in French Canada said…
        allo Travis i am impressed by the i am in quebec and i have a fishing shop and i would like to have your system to sell them to my customers how much would the system come back so that i can sell them thank you for answering me Roger

        Last question for shipping cost to him, and kinda asking is it available for it to be shipped to Canada

        • Travis
          04 Aug 2018

          Hello roger,
          My apologies for not getting back to you sooner. For some reason I did not get a notification of your message.
          Please PM me at travis@myaquafarm.com to communicate privately concerning pricing.

  • david chatman
    11 Jul 2016

    i would like to know when the larger models come in stock

    • Travis
      12 Jul 2016

      Hello David,
      We expect to see delivery this fall, possibly sometime in November. The order has been placed for systems both twice the size of the current model and one half size. When they arrive we’ll get them immediately in the store and make an announcement.

      Warm regards,

  • Richard Sasser
    28 Jul 2017

    Do you have a physical address? Would love to see your set up! We are having no luck planting in dirt!

    Richard Sasser

    • Travis
      14 Aug 2017

      We’re not giving tours at this time due to construction.
      I hear you on the dirt thing though 🙂 .

  • Nameeven
    05 Sep 2017

    CommentIs there any shipping to Taiwan?

    • Travis
      07 Sep 2017

      Yes, we can now ship internationally. Send us your address for a quote (the lower 48 states price is for Continental US only).


  • Chris Neely
    17 Jan 2018

    Great looking design. I’m saving my pennies. The question I have concerns the expanded clay product you mentioned in your YouTube assembly video. I have a small system in my basement and I was wondering if that grow media was available by the bulk bag yet. Any luck? Did I just miss it on your site?

    • Travis
      01 Feb 2018

      I still haven’t found a cost effective way to ship gravel. I’m still looking though.

  • Bana S Pilane
    04 Feb 2018

    Travis I am a diplomat working in China from a Southern African country. In one of your videos you mention the fact that your product is produced in China. Seeing as we can’t stop from the US now can I get this system. Any address or email to contact. Thanks in advance.
    B.S. Pilane

    • Travis
      05 Feb 2018

      I am your contact to order My Aqua Farm products worldwide. The manufacturer does not sell directly to the public and as such I cannot divulge their identity. I can arrange worldwide shipment from my location. Are you talking one unit or container loads? Please contact me directly at: travis@myaquafarm.com

      Warm regards,

  • michelle
    20 Feb 2018

    Hi Travis, saw your you tube with Zach Bayer. I am doing the same greenhouse set up for our community in showlow, Az. I would like a set of your plans if that is possible. I have had an aquaphonic greenhouse in the past but due to divorce I lost that house and property. i love using the aquaphonic. thank you

    • Travis
      21 Feb 2018

      If you’re referring to a plan set for the system at Zac’s (a 40 barrel half system/four 10 barrel half systems), I do not have any available. Everything you need is in the Barrel-ponics manual. Zac’s system is an expansion of that basic system.
      Hope this helps,
      Travis W. Hughey

  • Evone
    04 Mar 2019

    I just got my barrels and getting ready to build my garden yay:) You are such a kind and generous person to share your knowledge with everyone. I can’t wait till I get as awesome as you and can share what I know with everyone. Knowledge should be shared to all who wish to achieve something wonderful and helpful to our world. THANK YOU KIND SOUL.

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