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  • Jessieann R
    08 Dec 2013

    Looks great Travis, thanks a lot we are very interested. We are assuming that two units can be joined together? ja

  • Jessieann
    08 Dec 2013

    Yes, I understand they are stand alone but what if we wanted to expand, to be able to grow more veggies would we need to buy another unit? ja

    • Travis
      09 Dec 2013

      At this time that is correct. The fish tanks are sized for the growbeds. I do have plans to build larger units in the near future depending on how sales go and the revenue to do so becomes available. The next unit will be 2 growbeds on a common fish tank that will utilize common parts to this one with a few different ones required to make it possible. How much capacity are you looking for?

  • Bob Mc Knight
    09 Dec 2013

    Travis, I am delighted that finally you are offering a premade aquaponics system after having helped thousands get started for free.

    It is my prayer that this brings you prosperity and the ability to help even more people. Thanks for your help in the past. I am excited for you as I have waited in anticipation for what you were promising to make available. I knew it would be good. I have sent many folks over the years to your website www,fastonline.org It has help on so many topics. It is a great starting place to research many topics. Thanks again.

    • Travis
      09 Dec 2013

      You’re quite welcome Bob. It will be interesting to see where this venture goes for sure.

  • Victoria Kelley
    10 Dec 2013


    Would you like to do an article in the ASC Magazine about this new system? Not only are you a pioneer in the aquaponics industry but these are nice looking systems. Let us know 🙂

    • Travis
      11 Dec 2013

      That sounds great. My apologies for not getting back to you sooner. As you can see I was very busy with something I couldn’t talk about at the time. Thanks so much for the offer.

  • edward van natta
    26 Dec 2013

    II am looking for for detail about product green houses plans and fish
    Love detail about product green houses! How it work how put together and run place live ?

    • Travis
      28 Dec 2013

      Hello Edward,
      Product greenhouses? As of yet I have no greenhouses to offer. I hope to offer some models in the future though.

      Thanks for the inquiry,

  • John Brooks
    05 Jan 2014


    You have done it–you have sole me on being the person who has figured out how to make the most inexpensive and reliable/proven system that I can build myself.

    Please consider this: There are many like me here in the states who work full time but recognize the need to prepare for self sufficiency, so here’s exactly what I’m looking for: a barrelponics system package of parts tailored for my specific needs in exchange for a suggested donation amount. because I work full time, my focus is on gathering systems and equipment that is completely ready for future assembly. I want to have a complete barrelponics parts package ready to go when I am able to put it all together. I want to gather the blue barrels and lumber. I want a palletized package with everything else in it. I have two IBC totes and I want to gather the blue barrels and lumber, but I need everything else in this package.

    I have a 30×30 barn with a 12′ south-facing side and a plan to build a 30×50 shed, supported by the 12′ bard wall, with the roof decreasing in height from 12′ to 6′ at the 50′-out mark. I also have gutters on this 12′ barn wall and a whole-house filter to tailor a low-maintenance rainwater filter/catchment system.

    The barrelponics system I need should take advantage of the entire 30×50 shed space. If you are interested in palletizing everything I need to fill this space with your barrelponics system (like the one I saw in your video with all of the blue barrels for the off-grid system you put together), please give me an idea of an appropriate donation amount and let’s get this done asap. Please email me at the email address provided. Thanks and God bless! John Brooks

    • Travis
      08 Jan 2014

      Hello John,
      Thanks for the inquiry.
      We do not provide parts kits for the Barrel-ponics units of that size due to the need to engineer them specific to the site as it’s built. I can, however, be hired to come build a system at your location. I cannot do it “for a donation” for legal reasons. There’s simply too many parts involved and too much room for error. The My AquaFarm would be a better choice if you want a ready to assemble unit when needed. If you do want to do the larger unit we can talk.
      Thanks again and God Bless,

  • Joe Marino
    02 Aug 2014

    Where did you learn aquaponics from? Did you go to school or learn on your own? I would like to learn the aquaponics so I can one day do what you do setting up aquaponic systems in other areas of the world with a food desert.


    • Travis
      03 Aug 2014

      Hello Joe,
      I learned on my own with the help of members of an aquaponics listserve. I suggest starting out small, begin with a proven system rather than “inventing” your own and make changes and modifications to suit your needs. You can download the free Barrel-ponics manual here to get you started.


  • billie
    20 Nov 2014

    show us the valve, please?

    • Travis
      20 Nov 2014

      I don’t have a photo of it readily available. It’s very similar to the one in the Barrel-ponics manual. I’ve been using this design for over 10 years. Very reliable.

  • Carmella
    22 Nov 2014

    I see a lot of interesting content here, i know writing articles is time consuming,
    but i know unlimited source of content for your website ,
    just search in google – rewriter creates an unique article in a minute

    • Travis
      23 Nov 2014

      Hello Carmella,
      I appreciate your concern but it sounds as if you are suggesting I take someone’s work, change it slightly (through a translator program) and put my name on it. If this assumption is correct, I could never do such a thing without first gaining permission from the original writer and as such I would properly cite their work and in no way would take credit for another person’s hard work. There’s just too much of that going on nowadays with the abuse of “public domain”. People who create things should be given proper credit for it. I only know too well (being the inventor of Barrel-ponics and the originator of the term in the first place) how this sort of thing has led to confusion of the public concerning who actually originates something beneficial to all.


  • Donald
    20 Dec 2014

    I have been doing allot of research on aquaponic systems, yours is truly one of the best I have seen, due to your dump valve system, which is innovative in its simple design.
    definitely your system is the one for me.
    Thanks Travis for your innovative spirit in this important field of feeding the world simply. Your system is the one to purchase !
    Sincerely Donald Woods

    • Travis
      24 Dec 2014


      Thank you so much for your kind comments. I developed the Flood Valve in 2004 and it has been functioning well ever since. I have one here that’s been operating beautifully for almost 10 years with minimal maintenance. For sure a proven design.

      Thanks again,

  • carl smith
    29 Jan 2015

    the price say 848. when i order it is 995. is there a coupon code??????

    • Travis
      30 Jan 2015

      That was an old price that did not include shipping. The new price (which includes shipping in the lower 48 states) of $995 reflects a lower initial price and shipping to your door. The price used to be $849.99 + shipping (which commonly was over $100 more than the “shipped to your door” price). I got the button fixed. Thanks for the heads up.

  • Jean Bosco
    02 Feb 2015

    Dear Travis,

    Any shipping option to Africa ? (Cameroon)

    • Travis
      06 Feb 2015

      I sure wish we did but not at this time.

  • Eddie
    22 Mar 2015

    Travis, this is exactly what I have been trying to do for the last year- KUDOS to you and glory to God for what you are working on here. I am ready to sign up to help you sell these, train people to use them and to get churches all across America to find a way to get these not only to Africa but everywhere else in the world. I have already ordered 6 units and you have just found one of your biggest customers/ advocates.

    • Travis
      24 Mar 2015

      Thanks for the comment Eddie. I look forward to working with you!!

  • dale avant
    12 Apr 2015

    How large is the system you offer for sale.

    • Travis
      12 Apr 2015

      It has a 168 gallon fish tank with 16 sq. ft. of growing space. It consumes 20 watts of power to operate. Thanks for the inquiry.

      Travis W. Hughey

  • Gary Briscoe
    18 May 2015

    In the comments above it says the system is for sale for $995 yet I see the price on the web site for $1495. I am confused?

    • Travis
      21 May 2015

      That was the old introductory price I held for over a year basically at a loss. We had to increase the price to allow for dealers to carry the product and compensate for increased shipping costs. At $1495
      (which includes shipping) it’s still priced well below the competetition’s product of lesser quality and many times doesn’t include shipping costs. One of the popular systems out there only has 7.5 sq. ft. of growbed space, a 60 gallon fish tank and sells for $1295.00 + $150.00 shipping = $1445.00 total. For $50.00 more you get over 2x the size system (16 sq. ft. growbed and 168 gallon fish tank) with advertized power consumption at 1/2 (20 watts compared to 45). The My Aqua Farm is the best value out there for a complete “shipped to your door” system.

  • Darrell
    14 Jun 2015

    Travis,You Have A Great Product That Will Help Many People!!

    • Travis
      15 Jun 2015

      Thank you so much for the encouraging words!! We try to be part of the solution and not the problem.

  • Ramon
    28 Jun 2015

    Hello Travis, I live in Illinois and usually our winters are long and our summers short. Can your system be functional in indoors environment. And if yes, what additional things will I need to consider to make operate year round?

    • Travis
      01 Jul 2015

      Hello Ramon,
      Yes, the My Aqua Farm system can be used indoors. You will need basically a good light source for the plants and temperature control for both the fish and plants. One would need these things anyhow in an indoor environment whether soil based or aquaponics. The only difference is you may need a tank heater of some sort depending on the species of fish used.

  • Steve Novak
    01 Jul 2015

    What do you have to feed the fish?
    Thank You,

    • Travis
      22 Jul 2015

      At this time we do not provide fish feed. We may in the future. Most use local resources for that.

  • Trib Camping Gear
    21 Jul 2015

    Hi Travis, Your Aqua Farm look like a great system. I saw your videos with Zac on the American Homestead and New 2 Torah channel. Awesome, I think this is a great product.

  • Jason
    23 Jul 2015

    Hi Travis

    Any chance you want to come visit me in Port Elizabeth, South Africa? I have 20 x (1370 sq ft)tunnels that are waiting to be converted to aquaponics.

    I will happily give you a guided tour of the country while you here. 🙂

    Have you done any larger setups of this scale?

    I will also be visiting some mission churches in Malawi/Mozambique in October. Was thinking this idea could be such a great way to train and empower people to farm better.


    • Travis
      24 Jul 2015

      At this time I don’t have any trips planned abroad. That’s quite a large undertaking. Have you ever done aquaponics before? If not, I’d humbly suggest you start with a small system to gain experience.

      Blessings to you and yours as well.

  • Barry
    08 Aug 2015

    I have an 8×12 greenhouse. Will your system fit inside?

    • Travis
      10 Aug 2015

      No problem The footprint is approximately 4ft. x 6ft.

  • Wendy
    10 Aug 2015

    Wow, Travis! Not to scare you, but have you considered marketing this to the UNHRC or Samaritan’s Purse?!!! Can you IMAGINE how your system could help the 4.6 million displaced people in the Middle East?!!! A solar powered, water wise, sustainable plant and protein source for the Refugees would be so stinking brilliant! Praying you become exceedingly profitable as you bring sustainable living and… heck, maybe even Peace to the Middle East. =] Think Big! He is Able!

    • Travis
      12 Aug 2015

      Thank you so much for your kind words!! I totally agree that this system would be a wonderful tool for displaced peoples in the middle east. I recently went to Iraq and built a prototype aquaponics system from local materials for a team that was staying there for 6 months to replicate the system for Yazidi refugees 30 miles from Mosul who had been run out of their village by ISIS.
      If you know how to access the correct people with organizations like Samaritans purse I can ship these by the container load for this kind of project.

      Thanks again!!


  • The Bear
    28 Nov 2015

    Two questions: Are your power pebbles available yet? And, is there an easy way to build your heavy MyAquaFarm unit on bare ground and keep it level? Otherwise, a concrete pad would be necessary, right? Thanks.

    • Travis
      03 Dec 2015

      We don’t have the power pebbles available yet. Haven’t found an economical way to ship them. Yes, you can set the My Aqua Farm on the ground. I do that here. I set up some pressure treated 2×6’s laying flat and level in contact with the ground and the My Aqua Farm on top. It’s very easy setting it up this way as you simply scrape the ground where the 2×6’s are and check across them to get level.
      Hope this helps!!

  • Steve Terry
    10 Jan 2016

    Do you schedule walk through’s of your setup so beginners can understand the whole set up connectivity? We live just outside Charlotte, and I saw that you are in SC.

    • Travis
      25 Jan 2016

      We do take visitors on occasion, pre-scheduled in advance. We are a working small farm and seldom have much for free time.

  • Moukhtar
    25 Apr 2016

    hi Travis,

    I would like to get in touch with you urgently, I can’t leave my contact on here.

  • Keith
    19 Jun 2016

    How many fish do I need to start with using your system? You sell them in quantities of 50 I think. Will that be the right number for you’re system? Will plants grow from the beginning or do I need to wait before adding plants Thank you and thank you for all the work you do for others!

    • Travis
      20 Jun 2016

      50 tilapia are plenty to grow out in this system. You can also start with feeder goldfish. I’d plant as soon as fish are introduced to smooth out the peaks of establishing the nitrogen cycle. Understand though, the plants grown at this time will not be near the quality you will see once things have balanced out.

      Hope this helps!

      Warm Regards,
      Travis W. Hughey

  • Cori Warner
    18 Feb 2018

    I see a solar panel hooked up to the system on this page, does it still require backup power, or is the solar sufficient? Also, if this was in a greenhouse, could it be used year around, or would being inside a structure cause a problem?

    • Travis
      21 Feb 2018

      With aquaculture, back-up systems are always a good idea. Yes,aquaponics can be done year round with a greenhouse in areas where winter temps make it, otherwise, not possible.
      Hope this helps,
      Travis W. Hughey

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